Lavender Tea: Benefits, Blends, and How to Brew

Lavender is a popular ingredient in many flavored tea blends, and imparts a soothing, floral note to any tea it’s added to. Lavender has also been used in herbal medicine for centuries thanks to its therapeutic relaxing properties. Here at ArtfulTea, we offer several herbal and caffeinated teas that contain lavender, and our custom blends with lavender are some of the most popular teas we carry.

What is lavender tea?

Lavender tea can refer to any tea that has lavender in it. Lavender is a popular ingredient in herbal tea blends, but can also be added to caffeinated tea for a soothing floral note. There are 47 different species of lavender, most of which are native to Europe and Asia but which are now grown all over the world.

When it comes to adding lavender to tea, most culinary lavender comes from the English lavender plant (lavandula angustifolia.) Lavender blossoms are harvested and dried before being blended with loose leaf tea and other herbal ingredients. Lavender is more potent when dried than it is fresh, so you usually need only a small amount of lavender to flavor a large quantity of tea. Here at ArtfulTea, we blend several of our lavender teas in small batches by hand, adding fresh, organic lavender blossoms to other ingredients like chamomile, mint, and rose petals.

Many people enjoy lavender tea for its soothing, stress-reducing properties. Others just like the pleasant taste of teas flavored with lavender. These teas can be enjoyed on their own, but we find that a dollop of honey is a nice complement that brings out the sweet and floral notes in lavender tea.

Lavender tea benefits

Lavender has been used as a component in herbal medicine to treat stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and other illnesses. Some of the many benefits of lavender include:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Studies have shown that lavender may be able to effectively soothe symptoms of stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious, a cup of lavender tea can help to calm you down and make you feel better.

2. Improves sleep quality

A soothing cup of lavender tea can also help you sleep better at night. Studies show that lavender can help you fall asleep and get high quality rest throughout the night. We even created a custom tea blend, Lavender Lullaby, to help you catch those zzz’s.

3. Boosts mood

Preliminary studies show that lavender can help to boost your mood and alleviate symptoms of mild depression. While lavender tea isn't a substitute for proper mental healthcare, a cup of lavender tea is a small, simple way to help you feel a little better.

4. Soothes headaches and migraines

If you’re suffering from headache or migraine pain, a cup of lavender tea may be able to help. Studies show that lavender can help to reduce the severity of headaches and migraines and provide relief from associated symptoms.

5. Relieves period pain

Lavender tea can also relieve pain if you’re suffering from uncomfortable cramps and pain while on your period. Studies show that lavender can have a significant effect on period pain, and a cup of soothing lavender tea can provide some welcome relief during that time of month.

6. Strengthens the immune system

While studies concerning the relationship between lavender and the immune system are still ongoing, there is some evidence that lavender may be able to strengthen the immune system and help protect the body against illness.

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Our lavender teas

While you can infuse lavender as an herbal tea on its own, it can often have an over-strong, slightly bitter taste. In most cases, lavender is blended with other ingredients in order to create light, floral tea blends with just a touch of lavender. Dried lavender is pretty potent, so a little bit goes a long way! Our lavender tea blends are tasty, aromatic, and deeply soothing.

Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

Earl Grey Lavender blends robust black tea, bright, citrusy bergamot, and soothing lavender for a classic earl grey blend with floral notes. This tea is tasty on its own or with a splash of milk and honey, and is the perfect tea to curl up with on a rainy afternoon or enjoy with a sweet treat.

Lavender Lullaby Herbal Tea

Lavender Lullaby is one of the teas we blend by hand in small batches at ArtfulTea, created after many customers requested a blend that would help them sleep at night. This tea combines lavender with other sleep-inducing herbs like chamomile, calendula, and rose petals for a mellow herbal tea that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Lavender Mint Herbal Tea

Lavender Mint is a deceptively simple blend of high-quality peppermint leaves and organic lavender blossoms. This blend may be simple, but it has powerful effects when it comes to easing stress, aiding sleep, and helping with digestion. This tea is another custom blend that we whip up from scratch at our Santa Fe shop.

Tuscan Sun Herbal Tea

This colorful blend of flowers, fruit, and herbs reminds us of a sunny meadow in Tuscany. The floral aromas of lavender and orange blossoms combine beautifully with the sweetness of apple, linden, and melissa leaves for a relaxing, smooth herbal blend with soothing therapeutic properties.

Miss Violet Purple Tea

Miss Violet is a light, mellow tea that brews up a stunning violet color. It starts off with a base of purple tea, which is blended with lavender, butterfly blue pea flower, hibiscus, and lemon peel for a floral, citrusy blend that’s packed with health benefits. Miss Violet contains a small amount of caffeine, and is a fun tea for afternoon tea parties and get-togethers.

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Preparing lavender teas

How you brew a particular lavender tea depends largely on the other ingredients in the brew. Black and herbal teas should be brewed at higher temperatures, while more delicate teas like purple tea do better with slightly cooler water.

Brewing lavender herbal teas

When preparing lavender herbal teas, we recommend using one teaspoon of tea leaves for every six ounces of water in your pot or cup. If the tea is especially fluffy, like our Lavender Lullaby, feel free to use a heaping teaspoon or add a little bit more to your infuser. Heat water to a roiling boil, then infuse your tea for about four to six minutes. Lavender can become too strong when steeped for a really long time, so we recommend sticking to a steep time under six minutes.

Brewing lavender black teas

To prepare lavender black teas like Earl Grey Lavender, use one level teaspoon for every six ounces of water in your pot or cup. Heat water to a roiling boil, then infuse your tea for three to four minutes. Earl Grey Lavender is tasty on its own, but goes well with a splash of milk and honey. You can also make a delicious tea latte using an Earl Grey Lavender base!

Brewing other lavender teas

Brewing other teas with lavender in them largely depends on what other ingredients are in the tea besides lavender. For our Miss Violet Purple Tea, we recommend using one level teaspoon for every six ounces of water. Heat water until it is briskly steaming but not boiling (approximately 185 degrees.) Infuse your tea for three minutes, then enjoy!

FAQs about lavender teas

What does lavender tea do?

Lavender tea can help to promote calm and rest. While it's definitely not a magic potion, a soothing cup of lavender tea can be a great way to relax and unwind.

What does lavender tea taste like?

Lavender has a light, floral, slightly bitter taste. Lavender teas are often blended with other ingredients, like citrus-y bergamot, or bright peppermint.

Is lavender tea good for you?

Lavender tea is simple, easy way to enjoy the soothing properties of lavender. In general, tea can also help you to stay hydrated, and is a great alternative to other sugary or caffeinated drinks.

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