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Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

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A classic cup of Earl Grey gets a makeover in Provence! This lovely blend of bergamot flavored black tea and lavender blossoms adds a soothing floral note to Earl Grey. This tea is soothing, aromatic, and refreshing hot or iced. Produced in accordance with the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Cups Per Package

This Earl Grey Lavender tea is carefully blended and packaged by hand in a reusable tin or a resealable kraft bag. Our 3.5 oz. tin or kraft bag makes approximately 40 cups of tea. Our 7 oz. kraft bag makes approximately 80 cups.


Black tea, French lavender blossoms, cornflower petals, bergamot essential oil.

Tasting Notes

Smooth and bright, with floral and citrus notes.

How To Brew Earl Grey Lavender

Use 1 level teaspoon per 6 oz. water. Heat water to boiling. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. For best taste, do not over steep.

We recommend preparing Earl Grey Lavender using a teapot, tea infuser, or tea filter. These brewing methods allow the loose leaf tea leaves to fully expand and result in a richer, more flavorful cup. Earl Grey Lavender can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk and sweetener.

Earl Grey Lavender Caffeine Content

Black tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, less than half as much as coffee per cup.

Earl Grey Lavender Benefits

Black tea boosts energy, helps with focus, and is a lower-caffeine alternative to coffee.

Lavender is calming and soothing.

More About Earl Grey Lavender

Citrusy and with a hint of sweetness and spice, Earl Grey is a tea flavored with bergamot essential oil. While the history of Earl Grey tea is unclear, it most likely acquired its name from Earl Charles Grey, a 19th-century British Prime Minister who helped to popularize the tea. Earl Grey Lavender blends black tea, bergamot, and French lavender for a floral, soothing cup of tea with citrusy notes.

Earl Grey Lavender is one of our most popular flavored blends! The subtle, citrusy taste of bergamot and the soothing, floral flavor of lavender perfectly complement one another in this tasty blend. This is a great tea for afternoon tea parties, curling up with a sweet treat and a good book, or just enjoying a lovely cup of tea whenever it strikes your fancy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katherine Hanson
Love this tea!

Years ago a friend brought me a bag of this tea they picked up on a trip to Santa Fe and it became my new favorite tea! I have always loved Earl Grey tea and the lavender just adds a little mellowness to it. I drink all sorts of tea but always come back to this as my favorite! It's a great way to start the day. It also makes a great iced tea!

'- Karla H.
Lovely Morning Tea

This tea is fabulous! It's so fragrant and uplifting in the morning.