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Tea Subscription Box

Tea Subscription Box

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With our monthly tea subscription box you’ll receive a different tea shipped to your door each month. Each shipment will include your choice of a tin to keep your tea fresh and stylish, or the same quantity in a kraft bag if you have your own tea canister at home. Each tin or bag includes enough loose leaf tea for 35 to 40 cups, to keep you supplied all month long. Plus, each tea subscription box ships for free, and includes a sample size of another tea as our thank you! We’ll select a new tea each month until you choose to cancel.

Customizing Your Subscription

You can choose to receive your tea in a kraft bag or a tin, and can also choose between:

• Only caffeinated teas (includes black, green, purple, oolong, white or mate)
• Only herbal teas (includes any of our herbal or rooibos flavors – all are no caffeine)
• Both caffeinated & herbal teas (we’ll alternate sending each type)

The Fine Print

You can pause, change, cancel, or reschedule your subscription at any time. Each subscription confirmation email will include a magic link to manage your subscription. You can also manage your subscription by logging into your customer account.

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