Collection: Japanese Tea Tins with Washi Paper

Japanese tea tins are a simple, aesthetically pleasing way to store your tea. Storing tea in a cool, air-tight place in an opaque container prolongs its shelf-life, and these tea tins are ideally suited to the task. Not only do they keep your tea fresh for up to a year, but they’re also a beautiful way to customize your tea experience and express your style.

More about Japanese tea tins

How to use Japanese tea tins

To use your tea tin, simply fill it with tea leaves, close the lid, and store it wherever you keep your tea. Because these tea tins are covered in washi paper, it’s a good idea to keep them away from any source of heat or moisture. Not only will this help to protect the tea canisters, but it will also ensure that your tea stays fresh for longer.

How long does loose leaf tea last in a tin?

Loose leaf tea lasts up to a year when stored in an air-tight container like a tea tin. After that, your tea won’t necessarily go bad, but it will start to lose flavor.

Does tea have to be stored in a tin?

While tins keep tea fresh for longer, you don’t have to store your loose leaf tea in a tin. You can store it in any air-tight container as long as you keep it in a cool, dark, dry, place. You can also store tea in a bag, like the kraft bags in which we also sell our teas. However, tea stored in a bag will only stay fresh for about three or four months.

How should you clean a tea tin?

Whether you’re interested in switching out the contents of your tea tin, or you’ve just finished the tea kept there and want to give it a quick clean, you may sometimes need to wash your tea tin. Since the exterior of these tins is covered in washi paper, you shouldn’t get them wet. Instead, you can carefully clean the inside with a damp sponge or tea towel. Be sure to let the tea tin dry thoroughly before you put new tea in it!

What is washi paper?

Washi paper is a type of special paper made in Japan. Sturdier and more durable than regular paper, washi paper also comes in a dazzling number of beautiful patterns and designs.