The Best Fall Tea Flavors: 7 Great Autumn Tea Types

As we head into fall we’re looking forward to bright leaves, crisp days, and, of course, good tea! Whether you’re in the mood for a spiced black tea, an herbal infusion, or something in between, these fall flavors are sure to get you in the spirit of sweater weather!

Our Teas for Fall

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Our top picks for the best autumn teas

The best teas for autumn are warming, soothing, and feature fall-inspired flavors like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and ginger.

1. Pumpkin tea

Our pick: Fall Fiesta Black Tea

2. Apple teas

Our pick: Honeybush Hot Cider Herbal Tea

3. Cinnamon teas

Our pick: Cinnamon Pu-erh

4. Ginger teas

Our pick: Atomic Gold Herbal Tea

5. Chai teas

Our pick: Chimayo Chai Black Tea

6. Smoky teas

Our pick: Santa Fe Sage Black Tea

7. Classic teas

Our pick: Amber Autumn Oolong

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Cozy fall tea flavors

Curl up with a cup of these warming, soothing fall teas - perfect for the onset of chilly weather.

1. Pumpkin teas

Whether you’re thinking of jackolanterns or pumpkin pie, pumpkin is a classic fall flavor. And when it comes to teas, pumpkin spice is just as iconic! Our newest pumpkin-spice flavored blend, Fall Fiesta, blends black tea with pumpkin pieces, apple pieces, orange pieces, rose hips, hibiscus, calendula, sunflower petals, and cinnamon for a cozy combination that’s perfectly autumnal.

Our pumpkin teas

    2. Apple teas

    Apple picking, mulled apple cider, apple pies… apples and apple-flavored treats are quintessentially fall. But even if you don’t hit the apple orchards this year, apple teas are a great way to celebrate fall from the comfort of your kitchen.

    Our Honeybush Hot Cider is a lovely option for cool weather, blending honeybush herbal tea with apple, cinnamon, orange peel and licorice root for a spicy-sweet concoction that tastes just like mulled cider. Apples to Oranges is another fruity herbal with a great fall flavor, and also makes an excellent iced tea if temperatures are still warm where you are.

    Our apple teas

    3. Cinnamon teas

    Spicy-sweet and full of flavor, cinnamon teas are the perfect thing to warm up with on a cool fall afternoon. When added to teas, cinnamon adds a touch of sweetness and spice, and can help to balance out other strong seasonings in spiced tea blends.

    Aside from their delicious flavor, cinnamon tea health benefits include reducing inflammation, easing pain, soothing sore throats, and boosting brain power. We carry a variety of both caffeinated and herbal cinnamon teas, including popular chai blends and other unique spiced teas.

    Our cinnamon teas

    4. Ginger teas

    If you like your teas with a little spice, tea blends with ginger are a great choice and are wonderful for cool fall weather. Ginger root is a popular spice that can be added to flavored tea blends for a slightly sweet, slightly spicy flavor. Ginger tea benefits include soothing everything from nausea to indigestion to the common cold.

    Our ginger teas

    5. Chai teas

    Talking about “chai tea” is a little bit redundant, since “chai” is actually just the word for tea in Hindi. “Masala chai,” another common term, means “spiced tea” in Hindi. Despite the redundancy, “chai tea” is still the term many people use to refer to this sweet, fragrant concoction of black tea, milk, and spices that originated in India and is now popular all over the world.

    Chai tea benefits include improving heart health, reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and more. At ArtfulTea, we carry several different chai-inspired blends, including classic Masala Chai as well as chai with red chili, an herbal version of chai, and a green tea twist on chai tea!

    Our chai teas

      6. Smoky teas

      Smoky-flavored teas run the gamut from Lapsang Souchong, which is smoked over burning wood, to creative blends that incorporate Lapsang Souchong along with other teas and herbs, like Santa Fe Sage. These smoky teas are perfect for curling up by a fire on cozy fall nights!

      Our smoky teas

      7. Classic fall teas

      While you can enjoy these classic, unflavored tea blends anytime year round, we think they’re an especially nice fit for fall. Amber Autumn Oolong is a full-bodied double roasted oolong from Nepal, with subtle notes of apricot, malt, and caramel and a deep amber-red brew. Also from Nepal, our Nepalese Gold black tea is a great choice for fall, with notes of honey and stone fruit, mild astringency, and a clean finish. Japanese Wakoucha black tea is another mellow black tea with notes of honey and spice - a lovely, mild tea for a chilly fall afternoon.

      Our classic fall teas

      Teas for the autumn season

      We’re firm believers that you can enjoy tea any time of year, from refreshing iced tea in the heart of midsummer to cozy hot teas in the depths of winter and any season in between. But at the beginning of fall, when temperatures begin to turn and the leaves change color, nothing quite hits the spot like a good cup of tea. We hope you enjoy these fall flavors while luxuriating in the changing of the seasons and all that fall has to offer!

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