Masala Chai Extract

You may have heard of making your own vanilla extract using vanilla bean pods, but have you heard of making your own chai extract? This super simple recipe yields a flavorful spiced liqueur that can be used to liven up baked goods, ice cream, and much more.

Masala Chai Extract



    1. In a glass jar, add Masala Chai tea leaves, incorporate Vodka, and seal the jar with a lid.
    2. Store in a dark cool place and infuse for over a month.
    3. After the month has passed, strain Masala Chai extract and put pressure on the leaves.
    4. Store the extract in a glass jar and place in your pantry. You can use Masala Chai extract in desserts like ice creams, puddings, whipped creams and other desserts.

      Photo and recipe credit: Sandra Aguirre.

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