The 9 Best Teas for Digestion

The best teas for digestion include peppermint tea, dandelion root tea, chamomile tea, licorice root tea, and pu-erh tea.

Whether you’ve had a little too much to eat or just want some help soothing your stomach and improving your digestive system, tea can be a great way to relax and unwind after a meal. Tea also comes with a variety of digestive benefits, helping the body to metabolize rich foods and banish bloating.

There are several different kinds of tea that are especially beneficial when it comes to digestion, from soothing herbal brews to stimulating caffeinated cups and everything in between. While some of these blends do contain caffeine, we recommend sticking to herbal teas in the evening so that the caffeine doens’t affect your sleep.

1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a powerful digestive aid that has been used in herbal medicine for centuries to help improve digestion and soothe the stomach. Studies have shown that peppermint can help to relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal stress, including digestive issues such as IBS. You can enjoy a cup of peppermint tea on its own, or enjoy peppermint as a soothing addition to a number of herbal and caffeinated teas. Peppermint also makes a delicious iced tea in the summer!

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2. Ginger tea

Used for centuries in herbal and ayurvedic medicine, ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and can help to calm stomach troubles and improve digestive health. Ginger also has a wealth of other health benefits, including soothing sore throats, preventing nausea, and easing morning sickness. Whether you enjoy a spiced black tea as a morning cup or a soothing herbal tea in the evening, ginger is a surefire way to calm the stomach and aid digestion.

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3. Dandelion root tea

Dandelion root has been used for centuries in herbal medicine to improve digestion, fight colds, and improve overall health. Studies have shown that dandelion root can be especially helpful in combatting the effects of type 2 diabetes and other digestive illnesses. Dandelion root imparts a pleasant, earthy tartness to teas and tisanes.

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4. Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a soothing, naturally sweet herbal tea that is delicious on its own or when blended with other herbs and spices. Chamomile has been shown to reduce symptoms of acid reflux, ward off bloating and gas, and contribute to overall gastrointestinal health. Chamomile is naturally relaxing, and can help to induce both physical and mental wellbeing. This herb has a calming, therapeutic effect when consumed as a tea, and goes great with a dollop of honey!

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5. Licorice root tea

The addition of licorice root imparts a pleasantly sweet taste to any tea, making it the perfect after-dinner tea when you’re looking for something to soothe your stomach and sate your sweet tooth. Licorice has been shown to help ease the symptoms of digestive problems and promote good digestive health. While licorice has a variety of health benefits, it’s recommended to consume licorice in moderation to avoid any adverse effects.

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6. Pu-erh teas

Pu-erh is an aged black tea originating from China. Pu-erh tea undergoes partial fermentation during the aging process, which imbues this tea with a wide number of health benefits, including antimicrobial and anti-obesity properties. Pu-erh teas brew up a deep, dark color, with a rich and earthy flavor and smooth finish. Pu-erhs have been traditionally consumed after eating rich or fatty foods in order to improve digestion and soothe the stomach.

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7. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is partially oxidized, with a lighter, more floral character than black tea and a richer, fuller body than green tea. Studies suggest that oolong teas may help increase metabolism, burn fat, and aid in digestion. Oolong teas can be infused multiple times, as the tightly rolled leaves unfurl with each successive steep, resulting in a subtly different flavor with each cup.

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8. Green tea

Green tea has been shown to have a whole host of health benefits, including aiding digestion and soothing the stomach. Green tea is especially rich in polyphenols, catechins, and antioxidants, and can help to soothe the symptoms of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. You can enjoy subtle, pan-fired green teas from China, or rich and vegetal steamed green teas from Japan. Green tea is light and refreshing, the perfect drink to aid in digestion and soothe the stomach.

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9. Black tea

Like other types of tea produced from the camellis sinensis plant, black tea has been shown to help aid digestion and prevent bloating and stomach upsets. Black tea comes in many different varieties, and may also be blended with other herbs and flowers for added flavor. Black tea can be consumed on its own, or with milk and sweetener for a traditional breakfast cup.

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Using tea to help with digestion

Many people enjoy a cup of tea after a rich meal, or when they’re suffering from persistent stomach troubles. Tea can be a great way to aid the body as it digests, and is a tasty, healthful alternative to other sugary or alcoholic drinks. If you’re looking for a tea to help with digestion, there are a wide variety of flavors to choose from! While tea may not be able to cure more serious illnesses, it can provide much-needed relief when you’re in gastrointestinal distress. Whether you’re suffering from persistent stomach troubles or are just seeking relief after a heavy meal, tea can be a great way to aid digestion and soothe the stomach.

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