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Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 30 gr Tin

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 30 gr Tin

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This organic, ceremonial grade matcha is an excellent choice for daily drinking. Brilliant green in color, the matcha has a slightly grassy astringency, notes of umami, and a mild, natural sweetness. Matcha contains concentrated amounts of the many beneficial properties present in green tea. This matcha is sourced from Nishio city in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

Cups Per Package

Each 30 gram tin will make approximately 30 servings (when using a ½ teaspoon per bowl).


Organic green tea. (Origin: Nishio city in Aichi prefecture, Japan)

Tasting Notes

Smooth, vegetal, and slightly sweet, with umami notes and a hint of bitterness.

How To Brew Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Place ½ teaspoon of Matcha in a tea bowl. Heat water until briskly steaming (approximately 180 degrees). Add a small amount of hot water and whisk until smooth. Add up to 3 oz. of water and whisk until frothy.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Caffeine Content

Matcha is high in caffeine, containing about half as much as coffee.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Benefits

Matcha boosts energy, enhances mood, and helps with focus.

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