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Matcha Starter Kit

Matcha Starter Kit

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Tin of Ceremonial Grade Matcha (optional)
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Everything you need to make a bowl of matcha! This all-in-one kit includes a matcha bowl (chawan), bamboo matcha whisk (chasen), bamboo matcha scoop (chashaku), matcha sifter, matcha whisk holder, and optional tin of ceremonial grade matcha.

Matcha Starter Kit Information

Our Matcha Starter Kit contains:

  • Matcha bowl (chawan): Choose between deep blue or white. The shape of this bowl is designed to give you the optimal space to whisk matcha and hot water together until frothy and then sip directly from the bowl. These bowls have approximate dimensions of 3x4.5x4.5.

  • Bamboo matcha whisk (chasen): This hand-crafted bamboo whisk is the best tool for creating frothy, smooth matcha. Made from authentic white bamboo, with hand carved strands that are designed to produce the creamiest froth, the whisk is an essential part of the traditional matcha experience.

  • Bamboo matcha scoop (chashaku): This traditional matcha scoop is made from hand carved bamboo. It is used to transfer matcha powder to the bowl before adding water and whisking.

  • Matcha sifter: This fine mesh hand sifter is ideal for sifting matcha before adding the hot water. Sifting removes any clumps that may have formed in the matcha powder, which helps create a smoother, creamier froth when whisking.

  • Ceramic matcha whisk holder: This ceramic whisk holder helps prolong the life of a bamboo matcha whisk by maintaining its shape and providing air flow to the handle while drying.

  • Tin of ceremonial grade matcha (optional): Our organic ceremonial grade matcha is an excellent choice for daily drinking. This high quality matcha has a brilliant green color with a mild, natural sweetness and slightly grassy astringency.

This kit represents a savings of 14% when compared with purchasing these items separately.

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