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Organic Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Organic Irish Breakfast Black Tea

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Our organic Irish Breakfast makes a rich cup of tea that’s sure to get you going in the morning. This malty, robust blend includes Assam, Ceylon, and Tanzanian teas. Unlike our other loose leaf teas, our Irish Breakfast is finely ground, which results in a hearty, full-bodied tea that pairs well with milk and sugar. A good strong cuppa!

Cups Per Package

This luxury loose leaf Irish Breakfast Tea is carefully blended and packaged by hand in a reusable tin or a resealable kraft bag. Our 4 oz. tin or kraft bag makes approximately 40 cups of tea. Our 8 oz. kraft bag makes approximately 80 cups.


Organic black tea (Origin: Assam, India & Usambara, Tanzania)

Tasting Notes

Rich, strong, and malty, with a moderate astringency and a brisk full body.

How to Brew Irish Breakfast Tea

Use 1 level teaspoon per 6 oz. water. Heat water to boiling. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. These leaves can also handle a second or even third infusion.

We recommend preparing Irish Breakfast using a teapot, tea infuser, or tea filter. These brewing methods result in a richer, more flavorful cup. Since Irish Breakfast is very fine, you should choose a filter or infuser that’s fine enough to catch all the tea leaves and that prevents sediment from settling at the bottom of your cup. Irish Breakfast is tasty on its own, but really shines with a splash of milk and sweetener. Irish Breakfast also makes a great base for tea lattes!

Irish Breakfast Tea Caffeine Content

Black tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, less than half as much as coffee per cup.

Irish Breakfast Tea Benefits

Black tea boosts energy, helps with focus, and is a lower-caffeine alternative to coffee.

More About Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast is a hearty breakfast blend originating from Ireland. In terms of tea consumption, Ireland is the second-largest country in the world per capita. Irish breakfast is often taken with milk and sugar for a hearty, warming cup of tea that’s perfect to start the day with. In Ireland, Irish Breakfast is often consumed throughout the day (not just at breakfast!)

While tea originated in China and is now grown primarily in China, India, and African countries like Kenya and Tanzania, tea culture also has a rich history in the British Isles. Here at ArtfulTea, our customers often ask us about the various breakfast tea blends they've encountered, particularly Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, and Scottish Breakfast. While the origins of breakfast blends are not entirely clear, some tea historians attribute the start of what we now call "breakfast tea" to Queen Anne, who made it fashionable to drink tea instead of ale alongside a hearty breakfast.

Others date the breakfast tea phenomenon to about a hundred years ago, when a Scottish tea merchant in Edinburgh created a very stout blend to go with the traditionally heavy morning meal. Queen Victoria is said to have loved a Scottish blend of tea, and English tea companies quickly began creating their own blends, dubbing them "English Breakfast" tea. Referring to blends as "breakfast tea" from a specific country caught on, particularly in the U.S.

Irish Breakfast typically contains Assam, a black tea grown near sea level in the Assam region of India and known for its strong malty flavor and bright coppery color. While Assam is usually the main component of the blend, Irish Breakfast may also include other Indian black teas, as well as black teas from countries like Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Irish breakfast is often finely ground, allowing the tea leaves to fully infuse the water for a rich, dark cup of tea. Today, Irish breakfast is consumed not only in Ireland, but all over the world.

We particularly recommend Irish Breakfast if you’re looking for a rich, hearty, highly caffeinated tea. Whether you’re looking to switch from coffee or just enjoy the strong, malty flavor of a good breakfast blend, our Irish Breakfast is sure to hit the spot!


How long should you steep Irish Breakfast?

We recommend steeping Irish Breakfast for about three to four minutes. For an extra-strong cup, you can infuse this tea for five minutes. Avoid over-steeping, though, as Irish Breakfast can become bitter if it’s too strong.

Is Irish Breakfast tea black tea?

Irish Breakfast is a type of black tea. It’s made with tea leaves that are fully oxidized, which means that they’re exposed to oxygen until they darken. Black teas tend to be darker and more robust than other types of tea, and Irish Breakfast is especially hearty even among black teas.

What should you put in Irish Breakfast tea?

For a classic cup, Irish Breakfast tea is traditionally prepared with milk or cream and sugar. You can also add other types of non-dairy creamer and sweeteners, like oat milk or honey.

Which is stronger, Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast?

In general, Irish Breakfast tends to be slightly stronger than English Breakfast. This is partly due to the combination of teas present in the blend, and partly due to the fact that Irish Breakfast is often more finely ground, resulting in a stronger, heartier cup. That said, English Breakfast is also a very robust black tea, and both are good choices if you’re looking for a brisk morning tea blend.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Irish Breakfast!

Visited Santa Fe in the Fall of 2022 and discovered Artful Tea. Talked about trying a new flavor and what I liked/didn't like about my tea. The staff was super knowledgeable and welcoming. Smelled several varieties and the employee directed me to Irish Breakfast. Bought it and have been buying it ever since. I love the flavor and love the store! Who would have thought "Irish" tea in New Mexico!

best coffee sub

Been buying from Artful Tea for a few years now, and love their selection, their policy on reusing tins for refills, the ability to smell teas in the store, and the owner's extensive knowledge.

Irish Breakfast has been my go-to morning cup for years now - mostly for giving up the greater caffeine content of coffee. Love the strong flavor and brew - great with milk.

C Allen Nichols
Love, love, love

Visited Santa Fe in September 2022 and found Artful Tea. The employee introduced me to their Irish Breakfast Tea and I love it! I quickly went through the small package I purchased and my kids bought a "refill" for Christmas...and now I am ordering on my own. Deep flavor, great aroma! Try some!

Thank you

Very nice tea and great service.

'- Sherri M.
Great Quality As Always

Replenishment of my tea supply. I am very satisfied, as always, with quality, packaging and quick shipping. Appreciate your shop of fabulous teas!!!!