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Organic Dragon Well Superior Green Tea

Organic Dragon Well Superior Green Tea

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Dragon Well is an exceptional Chinese green tea, with an earthy aroma, mellow taste, and nutty and vegetal notes. The tea leaves are pressed flat into long, needle-like shapes, and brew up into a beautiful pale green-gold liquor.

Cups Per Package

This tea is carefully blended and packaged by hand in a reusable tin or a resealable kraft bag. Our 3 oz. tin or kraft bag makes approximately 40 cups of tea. Our 6 oz. kraft bag makes approximately 80 cups.


Organic green tea (Origin: Zhejiang Province, China)

Tasting Notes

Mellow and nutty, with a creamy mouthfeel and notes of almonds, herbs, basil, and squash.

How to Brew Dragon Well Tea

Use 1 level teaspoon per 6 oz. water. Heat water until briskly steaming (not boiling). Steep for 1 to 2 minutes. For best taste, do not over steep. This high quality green tea can be infused twice and it will still maintain a wonderful flavor.

We recommend preparing Dragon Well using a teapot, tea infuser, or tea filter. These brewing methods give the tea leaves enough room to expand as the tea steeps, resulting in a richer, more flavorful cup.

Dragon Well Tea Caffeine Content

Green tea is low in caffeine.

Dragon Well Tea Benefits

Green tea boosts energy, enhances mood, and helps with focus.

More About Dragon Well

Otherwise known as Long Jing, Longjing, or Lung Ching green tea, Dragon Well is a mellow, satisfying green tea with an earthy aroma and nutty and vegetal notes. Like most other Chinese green teas, the leaves are pan-fired soon after harvest in order to halt the oxidation process.

Dragon Well gets its name from Longjing village in Zhejiang Province, the region where the tea is produced. Similar to other specialty ingredients, like champagne or parmesan, only teas grown in Zhejiang Province can be labelled as true Dragon Well teas. The area is known for its high rainfall and lower temperatures, which create unique growing conditions where Dragon Well tea plants thrive.

Our organic Dragon Well is an excellent example of a high-quality dragon well tea, with a rich, nuanced taste and aroma. Low in caffeine, this is a great morning or afternoon tea. We recommend enjoying Dragon Well on its own to appreciate its unique flavor.

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