The Best Teas for Nausea and Upset Stomachs

The best teas for nausea include ginger, chamomile, peppermint, licorice root, green tea, and black tea.

If you’re feeling nauseous or suffering from an upset stomach, a cup of tea can help to soothe your symptoms. True tea like black tea and green tea can help to combat feelings of nausea, and herbal ingredients like ginger and chamomile also have anti-nausea properties. While tea can’t replace medical attention if you’re seriously ill, it can help you to feel better and stay hydrated when you’re under the weather.

1. Ginger tea

If you’re feeling sick to your stomach, a cup of ginger tea can help! Ginger is well-known for helping to reduce nausea symptoms, and is often used as an herbal remedy for nausea. Studies have shown that ginger is a safe and effective way to reduce feelings of nausea in patients. For an added boost, you can even add a nob of fresh ginger for your tea for a nourishing kick. Other ginger tea benefits include helping to reduce inflammation, aid digestion, and give your immune system a boost.

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2. Chamomile tea

You may know that chamomile is good for soothing stress and encouraging relaxation, but did you know that it can also help treat feelings of nausea? A cup of chamomile tea can help to reduce symptoms of nausea and soothe upset stomachs. Other chamomile tea benefits include reducing inflammation, soothing cold symptoms, and helping you get to sleep at night.

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3. Peppermint tea

Minty, refreshing peppermint teas can help to soothe stomach troubles. Studies have shown that even just inhaling the scent of peppermint can help to reduce feelings of nausea. Many mint teas are caffeine-free, making them a great choice for the evening if you’re trying to avoid caffeine at night. Other peppermint tea benefits include helping with digestion and soothing stress.

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4. Licorice root tea

Licorice may be more familiar as a flavor for candy, but it’s also a common ingredient in many loose leaf tea blends! Licorice adds a mild sweetness to tea, and also comes with a host of beneficial properties. Licorice root can help to ease nausea symptoms, as well as soothing sore throats and reducing inflammation. Since licorice root can cause high blood pressure when consumed in excess, you should consume this tea in moderation.

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5. Green tea

A cup of green tea is a simple way to help ease feelings of nausea. Studies show that consuming green tea can help to soothe stomach troubles. Green tea does contain caffeine, so you should be sure to consume it in moderation, since too much caffeine can actually worsen symptoms of nausea. Other benefits of green tea include boosting energy, lowering stress, and improving cognitive function.

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6. Black tea

If you’re suffering from an upset stomach, black tea can provide some relief. Studies show that consuming black tea can help to reduce nausea symptoms and stomach upset. Like green tea, black tea contains caffeine, so you should always consume it in moderation. Other black tea benefits include reducing inflammation and warding off colds and other illnesses.

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Soothing an upset stomach with tea

When you’re feeling sick to your stomach, a good cup of tea can help to ease your symptoms. Tea can also help to keep you hydrated and treat other symptoms of illness, like aches and pains or a sore throat. That said, tea isn’t a substitute for proper medical attention. If you’re really sick, you should check in with your doctor or a medical professional to see what the best course of action is for you.


Does tea make nausea worse?

While many teas are great for treating symptoms of nausea, sometimes tea can make you feel worse. In particular, if you consume too much caffeinated tea, it could exacerbate symptoms of nausea.

Does lemon help with nausea?

Adding lemon to your tea is a great way to help with nausea. Lemon juice and lemon essential oil can both reduce nausea symptoms and help you to feel better. For a classic combo, try adding a little lemon and honey to your cup of tea.

What teas help with nausea?

Some teas to try if you’re feeling sick include ginger teas, peppermint teas, chamomile teas, and licorice root teas. When enjoyed in moderation, black tea and green tea can also help.

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