Where to Get a Cup of Tea in Santa Fe

Looking for a cup of tea in Santa Fe? From charming cafes to late-night locales, here are 10 great spots that serve ArtfulTea’s loose leaf tea in the City Different!

Top tea spots in Santa Fe

1. ArtfulTea (that’s us!)

Here at ArtfulTea, we don’t actually serve any tea, but we do sell over 100 types of loose leaf tea, as well as tea accessories like tea spoons, teacups and pots, tea infusers, and more. We also sell tea samples that are perfect for preparing in hotel rooms or BnBs, as well as a daily selection of tea samples for customers to try.

2. Iconik Coffee Roasters

While Iconik might be renowned in Santa Fe for their cool vibes, knowledgable baristas, and stellar coffee, they also have a wonderful tea selection! Whether you’re looking to sip on something while you browse books, settle down for an afternoon in a cozy coffeeshop, or just get a cup of tea to take on the go, Iconik has a little something for everyone!

3. Henry and the Fish

A charming cafe in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, Henry and the Fish carries a rotating selection of both hot and iced teas, in addition to coffee, sandwiches, bowls, and other light fare. Try an iced matcha lavender latte for a drink that tastes like summer, or stop by to see what the tea of the day is!

4. Cafecito

Located at the edge of the downtown area, Cafecito is a family-owned business that blends culture and foods from Argentina, Armenia and Italy. Cafecito places an emphasis on incorporating locally sourced ingredients and products, and serves cups of tea, Buenos Aires style coffee drinks, and mate, a traditional Argentine tea.

5. Joseph’s Culinary Pub

If you’re looking for a great meal followed by an after-dinner cup of tea, you can’t beat Joseph’s Culinary Pub. Located a few blocks away from downtown, Joseph’s offers a variety of New American cuisine served in a cozy but upscale atmosphere. For a special treat, try one of their stellar desserts along with a soothing cup!

6. Tres Colores

One of the hidden gems of downtown Santa Fe, Tres Colores serves up authentic Mexican cuisine in a cozy, casual spot just a block away from the plaza. They offer a rotating selection of iced teas along with tacos, burritos, fajitas, and more. After your meal, be sure to stop by and visit us at ArtfulTea right next door!

7. Tonic

If you’re looking for a late-night cup of tea, look no further than Tonic. Along with a diverse selection of craft cocktails, art-deco decor, and speakeasy ambience, Tonic serves up a variety of loose leaf teas in addition to their alcoholic offerings. They also occasionally blend tea and spirits on their rotating cocktail menu! Tonic is open until 2am Monday through Saturday, making it a great after-hours spot.

8. La Boca

Located right across the street from Santa Fe, La Boca serves tapas, lunch, and dinner inspired by the flavors of Spain and the Mediterranean. La Boca is a great place to stop for drinks and appetizers, or linger for a full meal.

9. Remix

Looking for an alcohol-free late night spot? Remix is just the place! This cafe and audio bar is located right down the street from ArtfulTea, upstairs from the La Lecheria ice cream shop. Locally owned and operated, Remix is open until 8pm and serves creative tea and coffee drinks like the Green Velvet, featuring steamed oat milk and matcha, or the UK Haze, featuring steamed oat milk, Earl grey, and vanilla syrup.

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