3 Perfect Peach Teas (Plus a Peach Iced Tea Recipe!)

Is anything more summery than biting into a ripe and juicy peach? Here in Santa Fe, when the bounty of the season is upon us, we revel in the abundance of stone fruit. And what could be more perfect on a summer afternoon than a glass of iced peach tea? We have both caffeinated and caffeine-free options, for whenever you’re feeling a little peachy.

What is peach tea?

If you’re a fan of peach teas, you may be used to tea that’s packed with artificial flavors and added sweeteners. But here at ArtfulTea we think that peaches are sweet and sunny enough to stand on their own! Our peach teas are flavored with real peach pieces, along with other ingredients like black tea, rooibos, ginger, and blackberry leaves. These teas are naturally sweet, light, and refreshing, whether you serve them iced on a hot afternoon, or enjoy a warm cup when you’re dreaming of summer.

Our peach teas

We have both caffeinated and caffeine-free peach teas that are sure to hit the spot!

1. Ginger Peach Black Tea

Summer in a cup! Ginger Peach black tea blends spicy ginger with fruity peaches for a smooth, classic black tea that’s packed with bright flavor and natural sweetness. Some of the benefits of black tea include high levels of antioxidants, soothing l-theanine, increasing energy, and more. Ginger can also help to soothe the body and reduce inflammation. Peaches provide this tea with a taste of summer, and are also a great source of vitamin C!

2. Peach Rooibos Herbal Tea

Our Peach Rooibos starts with a blend of green and red rooibos, for a mild and refreshing herbal tea that gets its fruity character from the addition of peach bits, blackberry leaves and calendula petals. Rooibos is an herbal tea native to South Africa, and tastes somewhat similar to black tea, with a full body and a hint of natural sweetness. You can also use a Peach Rooibos base to make a cocktail or mocktail for added summer fun!

3. Peachy Keen White Tea

This fruity white tea is reminiscent of the heart of summer, when fresh fruit is in abundance. Delicate white tea leaves are flavored with peach, quince, orange, and tangerine. This tea is excellent hot or iced, and is low in caffeine.

How to make iced peach tea

We think that peach teas especially shine when they’re served cold. You can prepare our loose leaf peach teas iced using any of these easy methods!

Method one: cold brew

While it takes slightly more time, cold-brewing tea is a simple, easy process that produces delicious iced tea with a slightly mellower character and less of a tannic bite. Cold-brewed tea also has less caffeine than hot-brewed tea.

Cold brewing tea is a breeze - simply fill up your pot or pitcher with tea leaves and cold, filtered water, using approximately one teaspoon of tea for every six ounces of water. We recommend using our urban tumblers for a single serving of tea that you can take with you on the go, or an iced tea pot with a built-in infuser for a larger quantity of tea to enjoy with family and friends. Cover the tea and let it steep in the refrigerator for at least four hours, but preferably overnight. Then remove the tea leaves and enjoy delicious, refreshing iced tea ready to go!

Method two: hot brew

You can also prepare peach iced tea by hot-brewing the tea, letting it cool, and then serving it over ice. Iced tea that is hot-brewed will have a stronger flavor and a much shorter steep time.

To make iced tea using this method, simply prepare the tea as you normally would in a pot or cup, removing the tea leaves after the appropriate steep time for each tea. Then let the tea cool on the counter before refrigerating so that it doesn’t get cloudy. We recommend serving the tea over ice rather than adding ice to the pot or pitcher so that melting ice doesn’t dilute your tea!

Method three: traditional peach iced tea

In the South, sweetened peach iced tea is made by preparing a simple syrup with sugar, water, and thinly-sliced ripe peaches, which is then added to loose leaf black tea. For an added peach kick, you can use one of our peach teas as a base instead of plain black tea.


Does peach tea have caffeine?

Whether or not peach tea contains any caffeine depends on the base tea used to create the tea blend. Peach teas with black, green, or white bases, for example, will contain some amount of caffeine. On the other hand, herbal peach tea blends like Peach Rooibos contain no caffeine, since rooibos is naturally caffeine-free.

What does peach tea taste like?

While different peach tea blends all have different nuances of flavor, the best peach teas have a sweet, fruity peach flavor that is balanced out by the other ingredients present in the blend, like tea leaves or other fruits.

Is peach tea good for you?

Yes, peach tea is good for you! Peaches themselves can help to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Other ingredients often present in peach tea blends, like black tea or rooibos, also have tons of health benefits.

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