How to Choose a Tea Infuser Mug

Tea infuser mugs make brewing a single cup of tea a breeze - these sets include everything you need, including a mug, infuser, and lid. Mug and infuser sets are especially popular among beginner tea drinkers and those who prefer to enjoy a single mug of tea at a time. They’re also great for offices, dorm rooms, and everyday use!

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 How to choose the perfect tea infuser mug

1. Size

Size is one of the main considerations when it comes to choosing the right tea infuser mug. Since these mugs are perfect for brewing a single cup of tea, you want to make sure that it’s a comfortable size. Maybe you’re accustomed to a generous 16 oz cup of tea, or maybe you prefer a smaller mug that retains heat better. Keep in mind that you can always brew multiple cups of tea using your tea infuser mug set!

2. Material

Glass, ceramic, stainless steel - tea infuser mugs come in a wide variety of materials to choose from. Choosing a material may be a practical decision - maybe you’re interested in a stainless steel travel infuser mug that will keep your tea hot during your commute, or maybe you prefer a glass tumbler for iced tea and cold brews. Ceramic mugs may be a nice compromise that retain heat well while boasting a sleek, stylish look.

3. Functionality

Another important component of choosing the perfect tea infuser mug is functionality. Maybe you’re looking to find a mug to commute with every day, make tea at school or at the office, or enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen. Tea tumblers are a great way to take your tea on the go, while more traditional glass and ceramic tea infuser mugs may be a better fit if you plan to stay in one place.

4. Aesthetics

We’re big believers in the aesthetics of tea - not just how it tastes, but also the ritual and art surrounding the experience of brewing up the perfect cup of tea. In this respect, choosing the right tea infuser mug for you is largely a matter of personal taste - maybe you prefer the delicate, sleek design of a glass infuser mug, or maybe you prefer a colorful ceramic option that will brighten up your kitchen. Which mug works for you can ultimately come down to a matter of aesthetic preference!

Our tea infuser mugs

Glass mug with infuser and lid

This set comes with a glass mug, stainless steel infuser, and cermaic lid for an all-in-one tea brewing experience. This mug has a capacity of approximately 14 oz.

Curve ceramic mug with infuser and lid

These ceramic mugs are one of our most popular sets - they come in several different colors, and include a ceramic mug, stainless steel infuser, and ceramic lid to keep your tea warm while it brews. This mug has a capacity of approximately 15 oz.

Benefits of tea infuser mugs

Tea infuser mugs are one of our favorite ways to brew tea for a variety of reasons. They’re easy to use, versatile, and great for beginners and experts alike. Here are some of our favorite benefits:

1. Easy to use

Simply place tea leaves in the infuser, pour hot water over the leaves, steep, and enjoy! Tea infuser mugs are a popular option among beginner tea drinkers because they’re so easy to use. Even if you’re not used to loose leaf tea, they make tea preparation a breeze! Many mugs also come with built-in lids that double as a saucer to rest your infuser on when you’re done steeping.

2. Easy to clean

Tea infuser mugs are often easier to clean than other types of pots and tea brewing accessories. You can even just pop many tea infuser mugs and infusers straight in the dishwasher! The tea leaves are also easy to tap out into the trash or compost when you’re done steeping.

3. Built-in infusers

One of the main benefits of tea infuser mugs is the built-in infusers that come in these handy sets. These stainless steel infusers allow the tea leaves to expand and unfurl while they steep, resulting in a brighter, more flavorful cup of tea. We recommend these larger-size infusers over other tea-brewing alternatives like tea balls for this reason.

4. An all-in-one set

No need to fuss with pots, cups, saucers, infusers, and other tea-brewing accessories - tea infuser mugs come with everything you need to brew up the perfect cup of tea. This makes them a great option whether you’re getting started with loose leaf tea or just prefer the ease and simplicity of an all-in-one set.

Alternatives to tea infuser mugs

While tea infuser mugs are great, they’re far from the only way to brew up a cup of tea. There are a variety of other options available when it comes to brewing tea. These include:

1. Stand-alone tea infusers

If you already have a mug or cup you love, you might want to consider getting a stand-alone tea infuser to brew your tea. These tea infusers can be used with a wide range of different mug sizes, and they’re just as handy and versatile as the infusers that come in tea infuser mug sets.

2. Make-your-own tea bags

If you’re more comfortable with teabags than with infusers or other tea brewing accessories, these make-your-own teabags are a great way to make the transition to loose leaf tea as painless as possible. They work just like regular tea bags, but have an opening at the top for you to spoon loose leaf tea into. As an added bonus, they’re compostable and great for your garden!

3. Teapots with infusers

Teapots and cups are a classic option when it comes to brewing loose leaf tea. Many teapots come with built-in stainless steel infusers that make tea brewing easy and accessible. Teapots also come in a range of different styles and colors, making them a great way to express your individual style and invest in a piece that brightens up your day whenever you use it to brew tea!

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